Premium Effects Pack (500+ Effects)

Premium Effects Pack (500+ Effects)

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This PREMIUM Effect Pack is for editors and designers that do their work on APPS Or/And SOFTWARE

The Premium Effect Pack contains:

- 500 Total Effects

- Stadiums, Lights, Stock Images, Light Effects, Flares, Fire, Water, Dust, and More!

** You will be purchasing/downloading a .zip file. To extract the 1000+ JPEG and PNG images on an Android, iPhone, or other mobile device, please note that an app such as (iZip, or Documents 5) is Required. **

These effects are not all owned by Afterthedrain Co. Some of the effects are popular effects among other editors, designers, and ourselves. Lots of the effects are original and exclusive.

Your purchase will arrive to your email within 1-2 hours.

There is absolutely no tolerance of redistribution, exchanging, or reselling our digital media. By purchasing this product, you agree to not perform any of these actions. Fines will be charged to the user if found guilty. Please report to: if you see someone doing this.

**This pack is about 225-300 megabytes**