About Us

Afterthedrain Co. Est. February, 2016

Welcome to Afterthedrain Co. Afterthedrain is made up of two members, Neil and Justin. We decided to begin editing not knowing one another. Justin, started off as @snnipedfx, his first ever editing account. Neil, started off as @ninja_graffix. Soon, we met personally and began to talk about forming an account together... Soon, Neil thought of the name "Afterthedrain". He began this account and when it got to about 400 followers, Justin joined after receiving an invitation. Not long after, we reached 1,000 followers, and began to grow. Now we have reached over 10 thousand followers, famous likes, followers, and comments. Recognized by Dez Bryant, Terrell Owens, Von Miller, Demaryius Thomas, Dennis Schroder, and more.

Justin's First Ever Edit (@snnipedfx):

Neil's First Ever Edit (@ninja_graffix):

We all start somewhere...